Our Fire Detection Services For Businesses

Here at Dragon Security Systems, we have worked with many leading businesses and commercial property owners, we specialise in design, installation and maintenance of fire detection and alarm systems. Fire safety is so important, this is why having an updated, efficient and safe system for your business is our number one priority. With us, you can rest assure that your system will work in any emergency situation.

Fire Alarm Systems:

Our fire alarms come in two types, conventional and addressable. Addressable are the most popular with us as they can give information about individual detectors, they alert the person responsible to investigate any alarms before the sirens have been activated, they allow us to alter the alarm threshold of each detector, according to the different areas of the system. All areas are connected to the control panel which means that an alarm in one area is broadcast throughout the premises.

Fire Refuge Systems:

A refuge system is important as this will monitor activity in your buildings refuge area and activate a call system when the space is occupied. We can design and install this system to any building that has a refuge space. We can also provide you with regular maintenance checks by our trained engineers, to make sure everything is in working order.

What else can we do to be fire smart?

  • Checking regularly that fire extinguishers are ready for use and located around the business, for easy access
  • Knowing all the different types of fire extinguishers and what they are used for
  • Checking fire safety signs regularly
  • Turning off switches and electrical appliances when they aren’t being used
  • Regular training/fire drills/evacuation plan
  • Prepare an emergency plan
  • Keeping all exits clear of obstacles

To arrange a survey and quotation for one of our fire detection systems or to find out any information about our services, you can contact us here.

Business As Usual


The “For Sale” notice on the premises we occupy relates to our neighbour – It’s Business as Usual for Dragon Security Systems


I am delighted to advise that we have promoted Shaun Marlow to the position of Contracts Director.

Shaun has been with us for nearly 20 years now and has steadily worked his way up through the ranks – this promotion is really well deserved and I know that Shaun will embrace this and continue to provide our customers and this company with equal loyalty.

Richard Lawrie – Managing Director

Direct Line Insurance Statistics

Direct Line Insurance have listed the top 10 burglary targets in domestic dwellings.

  1. Bicycles – 17%
  2. Mobile Phones – 11%
  3. Power Tools – 10%
  4. Laptops – 10%
  5. Tablet Computers – 9%
  6. Cameras – 8%
  7. Golf Equipment – 7%
  8. Gardening Tools – 7%
  9. Audio Equipment – 5%
  10. Televisions – 3%

Some Useful Tips…

Tablets & phones now often come with security features that allow users to track their device. Ensure that this is activated as it will help police locate your device should it be stolen. Also contact your service provider immediately and have the number blocked.

Do not leave packaging for new and expensive goods outside your home. It is better to take it to a public recycling bin so as not to attract burglars.

If you don’t own one at present purchase a burglar alarm from a reputable installation company that is inspected regularly by the NSI – burglars don’t like them and will go elsewhere.

If you own a bicycle take a note and or take photographs of it and the frame numbers, this will make it easier for the police to trace you and return it to you should they fine it.

Make sure that you keep receipts of valuable items – this will help with ant insurance claim that you make.

So don’t forget if you require any assistance with protecting the above items & more, were only a phone call away.