• Burglar Alarm Monitoring

    Taking the time to think about how you want to operate your burglar alarm is key to ensuring that you have the correct system installed.


Once your burglar alarm system has been designed and installed, it is important that alarm monitoring is also in place to ensure that any alarm events are actioned quickly and effectively. With Dragon Security Systems, alarm monitoring can be automatic and constant.

Automated Burglar Alarm System Monitoring and Response

Based on your individual needs and those of your premises, Dragon Security Systems’ team of qualified personnel will recommend the appropriate grade and signal options. The burglar alarm system will then send electronic notifications when triggered to an alarm receiving centre.

Our systems use dual path alarm monitoring, which is preferred by insurers as it works to ensure that the signal is sent to emergency services even if the landline is cut.

The action taken in response to the signals is then decided on, according to the frequency and the time of day. If the system receives an alert from two separate areas of your premises within a certain timeframe at night, then the police will be automatically notified. Our systems can be used in conjunction with CCTV monitoring to allow for visual verification of intruders.

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