• Vehicle Access Control Systems

    Automated gates and entry barriers secure your property, removing the need for manned entry points and manual gates.


Access control systems for vehicles include automated gates, barriers, keyless proximity tags and swipe cards. The type of system you require depends on your business and your exact security needs.

Bespoke Access Control Systems for Vehicles

Dragon Security Systems design, install and maintain access control systems for vehicles; eliminating the need to struggle with large and heavy gates. These systems are not only easier in terms of manpower, but they are also more secure. In the case where you want to automate your current system rather than replace it all, this is also possible.

Our after-sales maintenance service will ensure that your system is kept in perfect working order long after the warranty has expired. You can be assured that we spend a great deal of time selecting quality components that we know will provide our customers with years of trouble-free service.

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