• Access Control Systems for Personnel

    Personnel access control systems stop unauthorised entry for individuals and ensure they can only go where they are entitled. Dragon Security Systems provides systems for domestic and commercial clients.


Access control devices for personnel include swipe cards, keyless proximity cards, locks with pin codes and biometrics-based units for fingerprint and retina checking.

Low-maintenance Personnel Access Control Systems

Once you have selected the personnel access control system that works for you, Dragon Security Systems will design and install your new system.

When the system is in place, each individual will have their unique profile created. As they approach and request entry to each zone of your property, the system will check whether their profile has the right permissions to allow them to enter. If they do, then the system will record the date and time of entry; if they don’t, then that person will be refused entry and the attempt will be recorded.

These systems are a low maintenance way to secure your property against unwanted entry.

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Swipe Cards


Swipe card systems are a popular choice among commercial property and business owners because they are very easy to run and are extremely easy to use. Each personnel will get a swipe card that has their relevant permissions stored on it. To request entry to a zone, the individual must scan their card.

Keyless Proximity Cards


These electronic locks work by allowing individuals to wave their cards over a scanner that operates a door, similar to Oyster cards. Keyless proximity cards are therefore a low maintenance way to control movement in your building.

Pin-activated Locks


Within a pin-based system, each individual has their own pin number which they will then enter at each door to gain entry. If their pin is registered within that zone, they will be granted access. This is a secure system that does not require people to keep track of ID or entry cards.

Fingerprint/Retina Scan


Biometric access control systems are perhaps the most secure, as only those with recognised fingerprints or retinas will be able to access certain areas. This thus practically eliminates the chances that intruders will be able to get into the building using a stolen card.

A Range of Personnel Access Control Systems

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