• Burglar Alarm Systems

    Dragon Security Systems’ team of qualified personnel can design and install a burglar alarm system according to your exact needs.


Secure your premises with an alarm installation from Dragon Security Systems. Our high-tech alarm systems constitute an effective and stable way to combat rising crime rates.

Detect Intruders and Alert the Authorities

In the modern world, bells-only or audible burglar alarms are inadequate for commercial premises because they do not automatically alert the police. Dragon Security Systems recommends installing a burglar alarm system that is connected to a monitoring system as this is usually an insurer’s requirement. Remotely monitored burglar alarms ensure that the police are immediately contacted on your behalf.

Dragon Security Systems designs burglar alarm systems with the needs of your business in mind, taking into consideration the usage of your premises and general user-friendliness.

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Burglar Alarm Maintenance

For your alarm system to remain effective, it is important to keep it maintained in accordance with the required standards. This is a mandatory requirement for a police-signalled system.

Burglar Alarm Systems

Find out more about the different kinds of burglar alarm system that can be designed and installed by Dragon Security Systems.

Burglar Alarm System Monitoring

Outlining the options available for burglar alarm system monitoring, giving you a better idea of what type of system is best for you and your business.


Dragon Security Systems has worked with leading national bodies to ensure that all burglar alarm systems designed and installed are of the highest possible quality and performance.

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