• Professional maintenance services

    Our team can perform both routine preventative alarm maintenance and emergency corrective maintenance.


Dragon Security Systems is proud to support our clients not only during the design and installation process, but also afterwards with our professional maintenance services.

Professional maintenance services

Ongoing alarm maintenance is a proven way to prolong the life and improve the performance of your fire or security system.

Our team can perform both routine preventative maintenance and emergency corrective maintenance, so you can be sure that our team are on hand, whatever the issue may be.

Preventive maintenance

Dragon Security Systems firmly believes that prevention is better than cure. To this end we encourage our customers to take up one of our alarm maintenance packages, specifically formulated to suit all requirements and budgets. Direct debit arrangements are available, allowing you to remain confident you’ll always have 24/7 service at hand.

It is a mandatory requirement for police-signalled systems that regular preventive maintenance inspections are carried out by a qualified team, and that accurate records are kept. Most insurers also insist that security systems are regularly maintained – they may seek confirmation from us that their clients system is subject to regular servicing, particularly in the event of a claim.

We are inspected

Dragon Security Systems is inspected twice a year by the national overseeing body the NSI. The NSI has nothing but praise for the way that we approach these checks as we assure that they are done on time. We have never received any failure points from the NSI in this regard.

Corrective maintenance

Occasionally things can go wrong with electronic components, but our customers can rest assured that common faulty items will be directly replaced during our call-out visits, no matter what time of the day or night it is. Unlike many of our competitors, Dragon Security Systems does not adopt a policy of 1 chargeable visit to diagnose and a second chargeable visit to repair.

Where a more persistent or complicated breakdown exists, the attending engineer will do what he can to ensure that you are left with an operational system – albeit on a reduced basis – until the full repair is completed. Breakdowns of this nature are prioritised by our engineering department.

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