• Wired Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems

    Dragon Security Systems specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of wired fire detection and wired fire alarm systems.


Dragon Security Systems’ team of qualified engineers can work with any type of advanced fire protection and detection system, including wired, wireless and smoke detectors. Our wired systems are designed to meet all regulations and standards for guaranteed performance.

Wired Fire Alarm Systems

Wired Fire Alarm Systems come in two main types: conventional and addressable. Generally we recommend addressable wired fire alarm systems, because they:

  • Give information about individual detectors
  • Can alert the person responsible to investigate a potential alarm before the sirens have been activated
  • Allow us to alter the alarm threshold of each detector, according to the different areas of the system

Fire alarm control panels employ one or more signalling line circuits. These circuits can monitor and control several devices. Detectors can check for smoke or heat. Every detector installed by Dragon Security Systems is connected to the control panel, ensuring that an alarm in one area is broadcast throughout the premises.

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