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    Dragon Security Systems specialises in the development and implementation of reliable security systems.


We offer a comprehensive range of hard-wired and wireless burglar alarm systems. These systems offer almost unlimited solutions for customers with more discerning requirements. Our tried and tested products will ensure your specific security needs are met.

Burglar Alarm Systems

Dragon Security Systems specialises in the development and implementation of reliable intruder alarms in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, and across East Anglia. Working closely with our clients, our team minimise faults and risks in working environments and collaborate with those wishing to equip themselves with best in class solutions.

Our intruder alarm systems include door and window contacts, glass break detectors, panic buttons, and movement detectors.

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Which burglar alarm system is right for me?

At Dragon Security Systems we can provide a burglar alarm or burglar alarm systems that is designed to meet your specific requirements. Our team will take the time to examine your current system, making suggestions and recommendations based on your brief and budget. We’ll explain each of the choices to you carefully, helping you to better understand what exactly it is that you’re looking for.

We use different sensors to capture events with analytics that generate alerts based on pre-defined rules. When an intruder event is detected, an audible bell will sound. An electronic signal can also be sent to an alarm receiving center if you have monitoring in place such as British Telecom’s RedCare system (mandatory with some insurers). External sensors can be added to provide perimeter protection, such as infrared beams or area setting for locations with more than one dwelling.

Door and window contacts


Our systems are able to detect movement on the opening of the door and window. This helps you to monitor activity on the main points of entry in or out of your property.

Glass break


Glass break detectors work by sounding whenever glass is broken or shattered as someone enters/exits your property.



Panic buttons are invaluable if you need to call for help but are unable to audibly do so. A press of this subtle button will automatically call emergency services to your property, giving intruders less time to harm you or your property. When pressed, the call to action is silent, making it more likely that any intruders will be caught in the act.



Movement detectors pick up on any movement inside your property. Walking through rooms, picking up items or opening any doors will set off the detector, alerting you to any unexpected activity. Movement detectors can be calibrated to pick up activity in certain rooms, at certain times of day or of a certain size.

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