Very important Message

BT have announced that in 2025, they will be switching off the PSTN network and migrate to the digital network (Broadband) which utilises the fibre infrastructure currently being installed.

This means that the signalling system attached to the alarm may give problems or even stop working if it is wholly reliant on the PSTN system which uses the copper wires that have underpinned the telephone network these past 40 plus years.

That’s not to say the copper will disappear.  The connection from a premises to the local cabinet will remain for the time being unless one is fortunate to have a fibre connection directly into the building.

Principally those systems affected will be Digital Communicators that dial the Alarm Receiving Centre for the purpose of informing keyholders or obtaining a Police or Fire Brigade response.

All new systems we now install can use the new infrastructure, however, there are some of our legacy systems that still utilise the old technology.  WiFi, DigiAir and Emizon connected systems are not affected, and some RedCare systems will not be affected for some time.

Clearly there will be a rush nationally just before the deadline, so we are making you aware before that time to save any delays.