This is a demonstration of one of a number of Video Management Systems (VMS).

A 360 degree field of view camera has, first of all, the capability of ‘looking everywhere’ so there are virtually no blind spots. The advantage of this type of camera is that in a great number of cases only 1 camera is required.

We recently carried out a demonstration on a client’s site and it would have taken 4 conventional cameras to have carried out surveillance of the same area.

Whilst the cost of a 360 degree camera is more than a  conventional camera, the overall cost was lower due to the reduced labour time required for the installation. The demonstration was in a large store and the additional advantage is that the client was able to change the retail layout without comprising the visual aspect of the target area, whereas if a 4 camera system was employed, chances are that camera positions would have to be changed to optimise the viewing area.

This video will show you how the VMS software ‘flattens’ the picture to enable the operator to look around the picture itself. This capability applies to the live as well as recorded images. There is much more to this software than this video shows so please contact us for more information or to arrange a demonstration for yourself